We introduce various enjoyment of Bada-Punggyeung
Enjoy Pension

1. View all guest rooms

Great view of the blue sea beyond the window Bada-Punggyeung boasts a great view of the entire guest room.



2. Enjoying Barbecue

Bada-Punggyeung is provided for barbecue in all rooms and includes a charcoal grill with corn grilles (corn for fuel), an environmentally friendly well-being grill system. It is installed for use, and you can enjoy barbeque with a cool view of the sea, especially from the first floor terrace.



3. Watch the beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset to dye the blue sea red. The sunset from Mallipo Beach gives us memories of a romantic trip. Take a picture with the sunset in the SKY Lounge Observatory Cafe




4. Enjoy sea fishing

Bada-Punggyeung Pension is located on the boundary between Cheollipo and Manrippo, so you can enjoy sea fishing anywhere. Especially, you can enjoy barbecue-fishing on the terrace with barbecue during high tide. And rock-fishing is popular among fishing enthusiasts as it is available in all seasons and has a point for various fish.



5. Thrilling zip line

Thrilling zip line experiences that carry on the blue ocean. The Manripo zip line offers a special treat of cool crossing the sky while looking at the sea.



6. Beach Walking Trail

Walking along the beach provides another attraction for Mallipo. The swaying bridge along the trail and the exotic view are great for relaxing.



7. Enjoy the Cheollipo Arboretum

The Cheollipo Arboretum, which is connected right next to the Manripo Bada-Punggyeung Pension, retains its natural appearance and boasts a beautiful combination of plants.