Introducing the Cheonripo Arboretum.

The Cholipo Arboretum located right in front of our pension at the end of Taean Peninsula in South Chungcheong Province was opened to the public on March 1, 2009. Since purchasing the site in 1962 and started planting trees in earnest in 1970, the arboretum has allowed limited access to relevant fields, such as experts and supporters, for the purpose of securing and preserving diversity in education and species. There are about 370 holly trees, 400 magnolia trees, 380 types of camellia trees, and 200 species of maple trees. The Cholipo Arboretum is recognized for its excellence both at home and abroad.      
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Following the founder Min Byung-gal's philosophy of natural love and pro-naturalism, the habitat of life is maintained and managed in harmony. Therefore, by minimizing branches that transform the appearance of plants and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to promote growth, the trees are naturally considered to grow. They do not cut down trees because they are not beautiful, but they do not cut down trees and make roads even when roads are to be made. It is a place where the tree is happy because it does not pretend to be the owner, and the tree is happy and humans are happy.


Miller Garden is adjacent to the ocean, so you can see the open sea of the West Sea through the blue blue sea of the four seasons. The depth of your emotions is doubled because you can walk through the arboretum and see the sea covered with fresh waves and fine sand. As you walk through the arboretum at sunset, you will find a cozy atmosphere, especially at sunset rest areas and the hills of wind in the arboretum to appreciate the beautiful fall trees.